Picture a vending machine as a convenience store. Compact, automated, and
placed right at your doorstep with constant product availability.

The benefits of having vending machines include:

  • 24 / 7 convenience to your staff and customers
  • Employees don’t need to travel to get drinks, no loss in productivity
  • Improved employee welfare and morale
  • Free & full service of product replenishment, coin & notes collection
  • Automated, hassle-free service
  • Free & reliable technical support
  • Availability of drinks at no capital investment and no maintenance cost to you


Common complaints about vending machines in the Malaysian market:

“Old and unappealing machines…”
“.. poor after sales service and support…”
“Unreliable and prone to breakdowns…”
“.. No alternative payment besides cash and coins.”

Our Solutions

Brand-New and Imported Machines

  • Our can drinks machines can dispense both can drinks and PET bottles.
  • We use brand new machines of the latest models by Kubota, designed for the Malaysian Market – fully compatible with the full range of beverages sold in Malaysia.
  • Refurbished Japanese-made machines provided elsewhere are not fully compatible with Malaysian can sizes and may have reliability issues.
  • Our brand-new machines are environmentally-friendly. Our machines use 3kW per day of electricity – 50% less than older, refurbished machines.

Vending Intelligence System

  • We are the first and only vending company in Malaysia with smart vending machines.
  • Our machines communicate with us intelligently when there is a shortage of stock or a breakdown, in any form.
  • This allows us to dispatch our operators quickly, increasing reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • These means that there is zero obligation for you to report to us ensuring the continual functionality of our machines.
  • Our vending intelligence system allows us to monitor both the machine functions and stock levels on a daily basis.
    • Every day, our system prompts us the machines are running low in stock. We then group these machines together geographically into areas and routes for a service operator to visit. This maximises efficiency and reduces unnecessary visits that may disrupt your business operations.
    • When a bill validator is full, the vending machine stops operating. With this monitoring system in place, we ensure that our bill validator never gets over-filled. Also, having less cash in a vending machine ensures that your sites are less likely to be broken in and vending machines are less likely to be vandalised.
    • Our breakdowns are monitored live. The operation of our payment mechanism hardware, dispensing system, and compressor are notified to us immediately when any breakdowns occur. If our machines have any problems and our operators are not on-site, rest assured – they are on the way.

Cashless Payment

  • We are the first and only vending company in Malaysia with cashless payment solutions.
  • ‘No cash? No problems!’ Purchases can be made with:
    • Touch ‘n Go
    • Credit and debit cards
  • Cashless payment allows you to get your drink even when you don’t have the right amount of notes, coins, or even the right currency in your pocket.
  • We implement cashless payment because it is a rapidly growing trend in Malaysia and worldwide.
  • We are already thinking ahead – purchases on our vending machines can be made by international visitors without Malaysian currency – Visa and Mastercard are accepted worldwide.
  • Cashless payment improves customer experience by associating the image of your company with technological advancement.
  • Cashless payments have no physical collection limit thus reduces unnecessary service frequency.

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