We utilise brand-new can drinks machines by Kubota from Japan.
Our new vending machines are compatible with the sizes of the new sleek cans as well as traditional cans.
Also, new vending machines are reliable and energy-efficient, consuming less than 50% of the older, refurbished machines.

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Model KB-GS24-S KB-GS30-S
Products dispensed Can drinks and PET bottles
Features 24 Selections 30 Selections
2 Room 2 Rooms
4 Row PET Rack 3 Row PET Rack
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.85m x 1.16m x 0.84 m 1.85m x 1.16m x 0.8 m
Sales Variation 24 Selections, 24 Buttons 30 Selections, 30 Buttons
Empty Weight (kg) 285 290
Estimated Capacity* 440 units 500 units
Dispensing Mechanism 6-row serpentine rack, solenoid-operated
Payment Mechanism ICT / NRI bill validator and coin mechanism included.
Power Specification Single phase 220V ~ 240V, 50Hz
Rated Input Power (W) 665 W
Cooling Unit AC-3C1101E
Refrigerant R134a / 220g
Interface MDB
Lighting Specification LED, Line-Type, Adjustable (+/- LED Life time 4-6 year)
Outdoor use Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use

*Estimation is due to different dimensions of can drinks and PET bottles from different drinks manufacturers.

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