Our hot and cold cup vending machines come with a built-in water heater and ice maker – this ensures that our cup beverages are always served either hot or chilled, never in between.

Our cup vending machines also have a fully programmable dispensing system that allows you to mix-and-match coffee, creamer, and sugar levels.

Machine Type Hot & Cold Cup Machine
Product Type Premix and powder drinks
Model Fuji Model 382
Selection 30
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.83m x 0.99m x 0.78m
Empty Weight 355 kg
Capacity 1,500 cups
Power Supply 240V single phase 15A
Coolant R134a / 290g
Ice-maker Capacity 3.5kg
Water Tank 25 L
Hot Water Tank 10 L
Electricity Consumption (usage dependent)
Payment Mechanism All models accept cash in both coins and notes
Outdoor use Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use

*Estimation is due to different dimensions of can drinks and PET bottles from different drinks manufacturers.

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